Daily Mail…shades of Ancient Rome.

It’s a case of the bouncing cunts at Daily Mail HQ.

They’re holding a Christmas Party at a London Club.The club boasts of its “bouncy vagina castle”….

Will the public be treated to an earnest article from the likes of Katy ‘opkins..about “what is,and what is not acceptable behaviour for members of the ruling elite”….nah…no way.

The former editor of the Sunday Times in London Andrew Neil was at one time consorting with prostitutes…He gained the nickname “Brillo Pad” when someone noticed the similarity between his hair and Brillo® Pads.Neil cuts an absurd figure….about as round as he is tall….and he over does the “Oim cultured” routine…..this is called over compensation…he did not go to a public school (private).Britain is absolutely weighted down with class consciousness…and it can hamper your career in certain areas IF you did not go to one of these schools.Another very good reason to start over with the Windsor dynasty….they are sort of doing it themselves by outbreeding away from the disastrous Windsor zio gene pool…but they are still keeping within the zio-tribe.















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