Knighthoods thrown around like confetti

Knighthoods are now being handed out on a politically correct basis….

Andy Murray….he got one….this is as much to do with moves in Scotland to become an independent country.

Mo Farrah…The double Olympic medalist.This one works on a number of fronts.”Britain is not a racist country,after all a Somalian immigrant has got one”.

The English hockey team…womens..The Capitain got one.She is a lesbian “married” to another dyke in the team.This one is for the homosexual lesbian crowd

So…like in a communist country…loyalty to the party ideology often supersedes actually worth.

Did the Jewish Satanist Mick Jagger deserve a knighthood…after all he has spent most of his life in hedonistic pursuits…rather than service to the country.No of course he didn’t…his Satanism will have had a direct connection to receiving his knighthood…since the English one percent is infested with Satanists and freemasons.

The crypto Jew Blair is largely responsible for degrading knighthood…which you would expect.This is the CUNT…who secretly introduced the flooding of Britain with millions of alien peoples….perhaps the first example in history of a leader of a country deliberately assisting an invasion of his country….AND surviving being decapitated by the enraged people whom he betrayed…..which is why the elite provides him with round the clock protection.Were it not for this,he would have already been assassinated.

So….really the awarding of knighthood has been corrupted to such an extent…essentially they are worthless baubles.

Note.NEW ZEALAND has reintroduced this bullshit.


NZ is far more politically correct…with an increasingly active secret police…like Britain….

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