“Margaret Thatcher is like Theresa May,a strong supporter of Israel”

Both of these HAGS are /were crypto jews….Only Thatcher had some substance.May is increasingly looking like an opportunist who was in the right place at the right time.

There is also the possibility that May is actually a bloke…in certain photographs she sure looks like it.

Just prior to taking over the job…May showed up at Britain’s top Jews house for a cosy chat.Since Britain is a Christian country you would think she would have dined with the Archbishop of Canterbury….not that it makes any difference HE TOO IS A CRYPTO JEW.

May is going to be another dud PM…but be warned she is going to use the power of state institutions,like MI5,…to persecute people who make mention of the Jews extrordinary power in England…WATCH OUT POMS…it is going to get nasty….with breaches of human rights laws…The rule rather than the exception.

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