“We will crack down on illegal immigrants in Britain….and the criminals too!!.

Every five years or so Poms are told this stuff by the next leader of the country….or variations on the theme.

The cunts are lying of course…since they have no intention of doing anything of the sort.

Crypto Jew Blair actually…in private…did the exact opposite…deliberately flooding Britain with third world invaders.This was revealed in a secret report released into the public domain.

It reveals the sheer treachery of the ideologues who now control Britain.Arrogant and living in a wealth bubble separating them from the average person.

A new report has just been released in Britain which states that TWO THIRDS OF DEPORTATION ORDERS ARE NEVER CARRIED OUT!!.

Keep in mind that hundreds of British girls have been raped by invaders thanks entirely to the actions of the Catholic Marrano Tony Blair.His children live in a cocoon of wealth in houses bought by the proceeds of treachery by Blair.

If any single politician in Britain deserved assassination Blair is it.

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