50 years short of 1000.

The last time Britain was invaded was almost 1000 years ago in 1066…

Today and for the last fifty years the shores of Britain have been under siege by wave after wave of invaders.

This situation has been brought about by the treacherous actions of the elite.

The media has sold the invasion to the British public by a barrage of attacks on the identity of Britain….

The media is entirely in the hands of the Jewish elite.

The Windsors who are actually crypto Jews have helped sell the invasion.

So just shy of one thousand years since the last invasion.If this invasion is not stopped it is going to bring about the complete collapse of Britain…just like Ancient Rome..

It looks like the Queen may be on her last legs…and May have already shuffled off the mortal coil …. and the elite is busy preparing to manage the situation…

This would be an opportune moment to change dynasties.


Meantime the media keeps insisting that multiculturalism is of great benefit to Britain….in the real world the public can see the lie…as the streets are patrolled by increasing numbers of troops…armed to the teeth….The public does not seem to realise that the multiculturalisation of Britain is anything BUT beneficial….

And the invaders KEEP COMING….

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