Kiwis beware of CHARITY SCAMS.

Charity scammers are increasing in number all the time….scum have discovered its a good way to make money.

For example a charity set up by Bono the crypto Jew pop star…..well Google it…The scam operates out of NY.(see Rolling Stone magazine)

Then of course there is the crypto Jew Geldof….who was a poor musician…then he hit the jackpot with the save the world bullshit.He is said to be worth 30 million pounds….there is money in it…that is taking advantage of the decent people who donate money to charity.

The scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated….ultimately all this corrupt practise leads to a decline in donations…because people EVENTUALLY wise up.This damages legitimate charities.

Currently there is a charity which heavily advertises on NZ TV.


They use children as the bait to bring in donations..

“Child fund” is headquartered in the Eastern United States.


Unfortunately NZers can no longer rely on the NZ…media to investigate such things…..because they are simply no longer interested in doing this sort of thing….they will however run garbage about celebrities….all day long.

The salvation army seems to be legitimate….but their charity shops often sell goods very near the price of brand new goods….It would be interesting to know how much money made by the salvation army is sent abroad rather than used to help NZers.

These hard questions have to be asked these days because public scrutiny is not what it was….currently NZ has a Catholic PM ..WHO WAS CAUGHT FIDDLING EXPENSES.

Then there was the gigantic financial fraud carried out by the faux Catholic “Sir” Michael Fay.

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