Andy Cohen the cross eyed presenter.

This Jew fronts programmes produced by Jews in California.It goes without saying this Jew is…AN UTTER TOTAL PRICK…..but you can imagine idiot Americans luv ‘im to bits.

Maybe they would find his periodic “cross eyed attacks” endearing.

Sometimes during his show he loses control of his eyeballs….and they go AWOL.One of Andy’s eyes may be examining the end of his nose,while the other is looking at the camera…IT IS TOTALLY WEIRD.

So how did Cohen get his job on nationwide tv??.’.?….Easy..he is part of the Jewish mafia which rules the media.You have obvious Jews like Cross Eyed Cohen and then there are the Marranos like Nicole Kidman and her country and western hubby.

They have the place sewn up…and it s all achieved via employment discrimination against non Jews.Racism in other words.

Americans are easily fooled…that’s why they voted for Trump who promised he would lock up Clinton…AND THE IDIOT AMERICANS BELIEVED HIM!’

Cohen acts as a counsellor between the tossers (mostly burnt out jewesses) who appear on the housewives of…garbage.

Can’t Americans see they are being taken for a fucking ride.Cohen is OBVIOUSLY a cunt as are his rich housewives guests.The smiles and endearments are transparently FAKE.


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