Mariah Carey….crypto Jew..

The fat tarts relationship with the Australian crypto Jew billionaire James Packet gave an indication that there is probably more to Mariah than meets the eye…and we are not talking about her famous camel toe.

Her father’s name was NUNEZ…he changed it to Carey later on.Nunez is a well known Marrano surname.So Carey is most likely a Sephardic Jew…while most people would think she is a light coloured black.

She intends going on tour with Lionel Richie…now he IS a black Jew like the Obama’s (see Sammy Davis jr).Richie makes big donations of cash to Israel…and not for the hell of it either.

So it looks like Carey is a Sephardic origin Jew like Jennifer Lopez and a number of other high profile “ethnic” singers.

Jews control the music industry from top to bottom….

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