Bruno Mars-stein…hiphoppery type pop star.

Of course Mars has the important Jewish ancestry to open the required doors in the entertainment industry.

Wikipedia admits his father is half jewish….but more likely his Jewish ancestry is understated in order not to alienate his fan base.For example his mother’s name was Bayot…which has Jewish connections.

Whatever….The music produced by this midget hardly qualifies as what you might describe as music….His music videos do however feature,the now almost compulsory,negroid women wobbling their butts in front of the camera.You wonder if you have seen this stuff before,especially if you have been in Africa..then you realize that these wobbling butt music videos are really just a crude adaptation of African tribal dancing…..Jessica Caban is Mars goilfriend….who worked for Jennifer Lopez…which may also have a Jewish networking aspect to it.Mars appears to have the same obsession with gold bling as the Jew Trump.

Take a look at Lenny Kilminster (crypto Jew) “singing”‘…The Ace of Spades (the decline of western culture epitomized)..then ask yourself if bad “music” is being deliberately promoted….and real music does not get through the filter.

The really WEIRD thing is….fans of this stuff come to worship these popstars as supremely gifted human beings and hang on their every utterance as if divinely inspired…..when often they are just crafty shysters who know how to schmooze around the record companies…Jewish record companies.

When western civilisation makes a comeback…The midget Mars will be put on the back of a rocket on a one way trip to Mars…….at least.

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