Better ‘omes and gardens…..

This is an Australian programme and ALL the presenters are crypto Jews.

Jews control the Australian media just as they do in other Western Countries.

Occasionally the good hearted Samaritans help house owners who have experienced misfortune.BUT the people who are helped are Jews too!!.So the generosity of the presenters is restricted to members of the tribe….it works a treat until someone comes along and blows the scam…The Jews then label that person an “antisemite” and a racist….which is a fucking cheek since they racially exclude non Jews from employment in television….they particularly focus on excluding Europeans….and promoting minorities which they have imported into the country.Their position of power and influence becomes more secure once they have multiculturalised a country…The different races can be pitted against each other.

Jews control the immigration policies of Australia….and have recently installed a multimillionaire Jew as prime minister.

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