Jews showing up in Mallorca Islands…Spain

According to Wikisteinia Jews were persecuted in Mallorca and were expelled….from the island…and Spain.

In fact the truth of the matter is something different….most Jews went undercover and remained there.

Here’s how the Jews control the news…

Recently the Jewish edited Guardian ran a story about the “Chuetas” the crypto Jews of Mallorca….INADVERTENTLY…The Guardianstein made a serious mistake.The article stated that the most influential families on the island had “chueta” surnames…..MISTAKE…Jews are supposed to be helpless poor downtrodden and persecuted NOT rich and influential!.

A complaint was made to the Guardian for stereotyping Jews etc etc.The Guardian corrected the article….sort of 1984ish….style.

But the story does not end there…because Jews from other parts of the world are moving to live on the island…most are wealthy.After a while the only non Jews living on the island will be the “servant class”.They’ll be there to serve the Jews needs….and they will be on barely survivable wages too.

Take the multi-millionaires…The Gormans.The husband is a NY financial parasite Jew and his wife an English Jew.They live in a house worth around four million dollars.WHY…are these Jews going to live in Spain?.After all Israel was established using the sales pitch…it was a safe place for Jews to live safe from persecution.

In fact there is probably some sort of hidden programme for Jews to go and live in Mallorca….Islands make good strongholds as they are isolated.

You could safely speculate that the government of Mallorca is now again back in the hands of crypto Jews.Their next step will be to try to extract money from Spain’s central government for “persecution” of Jews five hundred years ago.

Needless to say Palestinians would not have a hope in hell claiming compensation for persecution BY JEWS..After all they don’t control the US government.(Russians of course were subject to Jewish persecution for almost 100 years…and MILLIONS of them died in the process,post 1917.)

Keep in mind that the surname FRANCO is a Sephardic Jewish surname.

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