Inter-tribal bickering in the USA.

The top level jewess Meryl Streep has just made some nasty comments to top level Jew in waiting Donald Trump…who responded in kind.

Of course Americans will buy this shit…

Put it like this…let’s take a hypothetical case….a candidate…a NON Jewish candidate makes it to the White House…He decides Israel is a far too rich country to be receiving aid from American taxpayers and decides to divert the aid to help poor Americans.He criticises Israel for its ongoing human rights abuses against Palestinians…and says he intends to sanction the racist country…

Within a very short space of time top Jews like Streep and Trump will put aside their bickering and join forces to remove the threat to Jewish power and dominance of America….

You’ll notice the Jewess Streep thinks imitating a handicapped person is far more worthy of comment than Jews murdering Palestinians in Israel….THAT is a very serious human rights is the theft of land and the blowing up of houses of minorities.

It is best to regard American politics as something like American Big Time Wrestling….if you’re stupid they both look real….but it is all for show.

Other Breaking News.

“Third world despot appoints close family members to govern his country…he is well known for having solid gold bathroom fittings….as befits any third world despot worth his salt”.

Donald Trump in other words.

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