Idiot Americans in the audience.

You can see them practically every day of the week….whether they are cheering and clapping wildly on Jewish hosted shows like Ellen Degenerate…The show hosted by the Jewish lesbian…or Jimmy Felon the Jewish fuckwit.There they are as stupid as can be…they don’t know they are being conned but they sure as hell are.

Worse than that are the audience’s who attend speeches by Obama….The war criminal who has spent eight years killing people in third world countries…at the behest of global Jewry.

At these shows…The audience often gets all weepy and melodramatic…”four more years” …said some of the audience at Obama’s last speech….yeah fucking right….four more years of murder and mayhem around the globe….by global international Jewry.

The thing is,the audience does not seem to have the capacity to recognise a charlatan when they see one.Of course the audience would all be sure of one thing Trump is distilled evil….but not for the reasons they think….because they would not even consider that Trump is just another Jew running the show and that his pronouncements are stage managed bullshit….like the “lock ‘er up” deliberate lie….they even have proof that he never had any intention to lock up the crooked Jewess…

It is possible that Americans who do not live on the coastal regions of American KNOW they are being conned and only voted for Trump the crypto Jew because there was simply no other viable alternative.The Jewish controlled media are certainly not going to report any of THAT stuff that’s for real.

Did you see all the Jews in the audience at the Golden Globes awards….dressed in the very best multi thousand dollar finery….TRASH the lot of them.And what are they anyway?’…they are only grossly overpaid actors.Meantime on the mean streets of L.A. just outside the absurd theatre of make believe thousands of homeless Americans wander the streets like in one of their apocalypse movies….a situation brought about by the gross mismanagement of the economy by the Jewish parasite class on Wall Street.

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