John McCain…The REAL story.

McCain is in the news again…but what is the real story with this P.O.S..

McCain is a crypto Jew…no if’s buts or maybes.

His father who was in the US Navy helped cover up the Jews attack on the USS Liberty….helping to silence crewmen on the ship who wanted to speak out about the DELIBERATE and CALCULATED attack on the Liberty.He worked in conjunction with Lyndon Johnson ANOTHER CRYPTO JEW.

Johnson was involved in the assassination of Kennedy…in order to put Johnson in the Whitehouse…to serve the interests of ISRAEL.

So McCain’s actions today are a continuation of his fathers actions.

McCain is the perfect example of the benefits of hiding your ethnicity…you can follow an agenda without raising suspicion about your motives.

Unfortunately he is an unsuitable candidate for soap production …given his one foot on a banana skin condition.

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