Kiwi taxpayers pay for zio-junket the South Pole.

Scientists travelling to Antarctica is what you would expect.Not this time..The politically correct gone mad NZ government has paid for a bunch of pop stars to go there.

It’s all to do with the message “global warming”… The “message” has to be taken to the world…hence the pop stars.Music is being used to carry the internationalist agenda….which explains why so many pop videos feature fudgepackers and Lezo’s…..completely out of proportion to the actual numbers of sexual deviants that occur in society.

It would be great if a sudden climate change resulted in several years of very low temperature….guess what…The cunts would STILL be pushing the global warming agenda….it’s all political not scientific.

Interestingly…all the cunts shown on the junket to Antarctica were Jews…including the reporter!!.

It would have been a lot more interesting if the pop stars were shown visiting a Palmolive factory…..

The world must unite to confront the threat posed by global warming….preferably under a one world government based in Jerusalem.

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