Trump seems to be under pressure from the zio-media…

Obviously….like Britain was not supposed to leave the EU…Trump was not supposed to win the US election.

The global media seems to have him in their sights….with regular “scandals” coming thick and fast.

But you would be ill advised to rush to judgement on what is ACTUALLY going on….give it a couple of years and it should be more obvious.

There is no way he can be legitimately assassinated…..The security is too all encompassing…nothing like the days of JFK….when Global Jews Inc. Were able to get rid of him….no worries.

Beside which Trump is a JEW.

THE JEWISH RUN MEDIA CAN MAKE OR BREAK ANY POLITICIAN…and it has become “the government” in many ways.But most sensible people despise the media….The Wests media is an entirely Jewish run enterprise…The vast majority of the rabble that attends the US presidents speeches are JEWS…..Helen Thomas was driven out of her job by these fiends and had her career destroyed….THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS TO INDEPENDENT NON JEWISH JOURNALISTS.It is racism of the very worst kind.

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