Australian media…owned and operated by Jews….no surprise there.

Controlling the media has enormous advantages….you can establish lies as fact and the most obvious example of that was the attack on 9/11… global jewry/Israel.

The official story of this attack is so absurd you would have to be an idiot to believe it.

Recently there have been documentaries about “Bogans” in Australia hosted by a Maltese origin crypto Jew by the name of Fenech (a Jew of Malta)….a very hi-swarth individual from the wrong side of the tracks.He may SEEM like he is a Bogan but he is nothing of the sort.

The crypto Jewish elite does not like Bogans….Bogans are Europeans (whites) and despite the image cast by the media Bogans are not at all stupid….they just like hooning around…they like developing hotted up cars…for example…they like tinkering around with mechanical stuff,coming up with new ways of doing things…etc.Many are highly skilled tradesmen.

So Fenech the crypto Jew actually concentrates on demeaning “Bogans”…mocking them in fact…all of this is roundly applauded by many members of the ruling class….they can have a laugh at the Bogans expense…but at the back of their mind they know Bogans can cause them big problems politically because Bogans do not have any time for big shot wankers at the top.

French,in one documentary,forces multiculturalism apon Bogans…against their will…just like the Jews have FORCED alien immigration on Australia.Fenech brings along a couple of Arab immigrants to a Bogan meet.The Jew does this full in the knowledge that Bogans have no time for them….Bogans call them “Lebs”….a contraction of Lebanese.Fenech the Jew knows very well that Bogans and the majority of Australian do not want them in Australia…they create problems that never existed before in Australia.

Essentially Fenech is attempting to break down Bogan identity….you get the picture….

The Bogans have no idea what Fenech is ACTUALLY about.

As for channel 7 which makes the programmes…it is owned by a DEEP COVER CRYPTO JEW….Kerry Stokes…a multibillionaire whose investments extend as far as China.

His current wife SIMPSON (a common crypto Jewish name….see the Prime Minister of Jamaica)..’…is,as you would expect,a jewess.)… have been his previous wives.

Okay…Stokes is very difficult to identify as a Jew…..but he sure as hell is….media ownership is a good indicator.But the CRUCIAL piece of evidence was his paying  $15,000,000 for an old Rothschilds manuscript…which was reported to have been stolen by Hitler….you can safely assume that last bit is a work of fiction for publicity purposes.

So the tribal gangsters from the high (Stokes) to the low (Fenech) work in concert to increase Jewish influence and power and if that means conscripting “Bogans” to fight in Palestine in WW1 in the interests of the Jews (the establishment of the racist state of ISRAEL)…under the Jewish General Monash…then the Jewish elite will have no hesitation in doing so.

Immigration of millions of third world people into the West….is the Jewish elites work,make no mistake about that….obviously objectors need to direct their attention to THEM.

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