Celebrity bullshit arrives in NZ.

The former captain of the NZ All Blacks is getting hitched.

Although the media hypes it up,most NZers could hardly be less interested…there is an insufficient mass of dumbed down people who can be shown hanging around celebrity functions.Give it another generation of dumbed down American television and the morons will start showing up.

Naturally the TV news tries to hype things up…but it flops.TV1. However is not to be thwarted…THEY HAVE RUN FOUR “NEWS” items on overseas celebrity related garbage.

They score a two for one story about a “white” actor playing the role of the defunct Michael Jackson….HORROR!,RACISM etc etc.

Needless to say….like television networks in other Western Countries racist Jews completely control NZ TV..from top to bottom.

Note….This one…..although NZ appears to have an Indian Governor General….all is not quite what it seems….he is ACTUALLY an Indian Jew.

Although European NZers form the greater majority of NZs population…”strangely”…..there has not been an Anglo Saxon Governor General for decades.

As has been previously mentioned…The Jews have now taken over the country…sorry Kiwis but you should not expect to see any more either…however you will get more crypto Jews…or Marrano Catholics in the job.

Celebrity hunters COULD try hanging out Les Mills sports outfits.Les Mills is a Jewish owned mass psychosis exercise barn….The concept was no doubt started in Zionist Occupied America.

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