New ‘olocaust film about to be wealeased…

The film stars two Zionist activist actors…..wachel weize and her hubby the current James bond star.These two zio-cuntz© routinely appear in zio-propaganda® films like Inglorious Basturds…Both of  ’em would be your first choice if you were making a film about the massacre of the village of Deir Yassin….The scene where Palestinian villagers (women) are thrown down the village well would be very dramatic…You could home in the cameras on a weeping Rachel Weize regreting it all but it was necessary for her survival…You could introduce some mystery too….Rachel the budding kibbutznik meets up with the current Austrian president (Fischer)on a Kibbutz….who has “miraculously” survived the Nazi extermination.

In the final scenes Rachel is shown shopping at Lidl the German supermarket owned by Jews who miraculously survived zyclone b attention in WW2.’…..The scene where Magda Goebbels the wife of the “Catholic” propaganda minister expresses a wish to travel to Israel while engaged in a romantic tryst with a leading zionist….was cut from the film for being overly “complicated”‘(the sort of complication which got Red Ken Livingstein the chop).

Remember the golden rule….always be suspicious about high profile Catholics…The Catholic church has been well infiltrated….for example the Argentinian popestein AND the infamous ghoul John “vailing vall” Kerry…not to mention the sawn off American Australian midget Mel Gibstein.

Another point to remember is…The Top Jews LIKE a certain amount of anti-jewism…it keeps your garden variety Jews on their toes and makes them more inclined to….for example…donate money to Gangster Central…Israel.

NOTE:At the last American,British and French elections….BOTH,yes BOTH candidates purportedly opposing each other were JEWS…..this is very far from a coincidence.

Chancellor Merkel????….yes,she is one of the gang and she is NOT stupid…her actions flooding Germany with the third world ARE CONSIDERED AND DELIBERATE…Merkel is in fact highly intelligent and knows exactly what she is doing.

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