Ex CIA director criticises Trump

Of course…this is an horrendous joke…to go criticising Trump the Director himself MUST be above board otherwise it is a case of the pot calling kettle black.

Remember….The drug deals connected with the arms to Iran…or the CIA agents consorting with prostitutes in South America….

So the dirty Jew fronting up on this one is a FUCKING JOKE….and a bad one at that.

The cunt is REALLY concerned that the power of the CIA is undermined and that elected leaders actually fulfill their duties toward the people that elected them….rather than kowtowing to unelected invisible people behind the scenes.

Trump should demonstrate his power by having this CIA swine arrested.The cunt thinks by going public with his warning Americans will support him…it shows how far removed from reality he is….if anything it WILL INCREASE Trumps support.The CIA has a very bad reputation all over the world.

Trump needs to start draining the swamp and arresting this CIA professional liar would be a good start…it might be a case of getting them before they get you….

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