“Merkel made catastrophic mistake”

That’s what Trump said about Merkel opening the door to invasion of Europe.The trouble is…nothing in politics happens by chance.

So it wasn’t a mistake….see the You Tube video with the Israeli American jewess Barbara Spectre.

Remember BOTH these politicians are crypto Jews…..so what You really have here is a stage show.Hollande the Jewish PM of France joined the fray too.Gabriel the top German politician also chimed in with comments….he too is a crypto Jew.

As is usual the Jews run BOTH sides…and remain in control whatever happens….

Keep in mind the ultimate objective of all this maneuvering is the expansion of the racist state of ISRAEL….which means Syria has to “prepared for invasion and occupation by world Jews Incorporated”…..that is precisely what is REALLY going on right now.

Note the laughable articles appearing in the Jewish run press these days.

“Peace process in jeopardy”

“Two state solution”.

“Calling a halt to the building of settlements”

“Peace envoy Tony Blair”

All bullshit of course…but they get away with it and divert the readers attention with articles about racism in America by the absolute JOKE Gary Younge…a black journalist who spends all his time talking about racism…he is obsessed with it.He is actually an anti white racist himself.You would think he would move to an African country to escape the racism….how about Nigeria…Nigerians would tell him to get a fucking life.

Despite what the media says about holocau$t stuff….there are thousands of Jews living in Germany…perhaps even more in Austria….THATS how a Jewish president gets elected in Adolfs former home town….FISHER…The former Kibbutzeem…The former president worked on a Kibbutz in the sixties…where he may well have been groomed for the job…..(same story with the billionaire shopping centre owner in Australia).

So it’s a pack of lies….Merkel did NOT make any mistake…she is far too cunning for that.Putting a woman into power in Germany MAY have been done for a reason….it is just possible if a male politician had done what Merkel has done…an assassination would have already happened.



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