Lady Gagastein….pass the kalashnikov

Gagastein is perhaps THE most repulsive pop star in the world today.

Some weirdo Jews (religious maniacs) in Israel seem to think so…they got advertisements featuring gagastein covered up prior to her concert in Israel.

You can bet that the jewess from Hymie Town donated large amounts of cash to the zio-cuntz in Israel…which will have been used to pay for bullets to kill Palestinians and steal their land.

The repulsive abbreviated lizard should be fed….not with a smorgasbord of insects but rather…with a lead breakfast….that’s where the Kalashnikov comes into play.

GAGASTEEN….is yet another example of Jewish popstars actively supporting the oppression of minorities…while in public preaching the opposite behaviour…The Jewess actively supports gay promotion in Western Countries.

You can readily identify the usual Jewish hypocrisy.Like Jews promoting the invasion of western countries by third world invaders while it’s Jews Only for Jewish Headquarters…Israel.

Dial up your closest soap factory and book the degenerate Gagasteen in for processing….Madonna the Mark 1 version of Gagasteen (Marrano Catholic) would be more suited for lampshade production…she really is too stringy for soap consideration.

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