Swaziland a poor country…..

Yet the richest “man” in Swaziland is the multibillionaire Nathan Kirsch…yes of course…he is a FUCKING JEW with close connections to Israel.

How do they do it….after all the richest man in Mexico…a poor country, is Carlos Slim a multi multi billionaire…a fucking jew.

They all co-operate  with each other to rob countries around the world…after all they control the Wests financial system and have infiltrated the secret police of those countries…like Parker of MI 5.

If the media was not also controlled by them they would call these Jewish billionaires the GREEDY SCUM they are….yet all you hear about Jews in the media is their eternal suffering at the hands of “antisemites”.

Trump who is a minor league Jew billionaire has just appointed his Jewish son in law to oversee talks between Palestinians and Jews in Israel…Note This…The Jewish negotiator  has a reputation as a rent racketeer in Hymie Town…..You could not make this up.

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