Zio-Cow Theresa May hedges her words

She has just given another one of her lightweight essentially meaningless speeches.

But it is all bullshit of course….keep in mind who she met apon getting the job…none other the leading jew in Britain.Make no mistake Jews like this chap are the architects of mass alien third world immigration into Britain…

In her speech Theresa hooknose May referred to immigrants coming to Britain from within Europe BUT most sensible people realize that IT IS IMMIGRANTS FROM OUTSIDE EUROPE WHO ARE CAUSING ALL THE TROUBLE….so people should “look forward” to MORE UNCONTROLLED THIRD WORLD IMMIGRATION.

OK NOW GO TO THE YOU TUBE BARBARA SPECTRE VIDEO FILMED IN SWEDEN……then note the threat to Swedes posed by immigrants.

SWEDEN USED TO BE A PEACEFUL SOCIETY….yet the Jewish controlled media’s in western countries INSIST third world immigration is beneficial

NOTE….if you object you’ll have the Jewish controlled intelligence agencies breathing down your neck….like the crypto Jew Parker at MI5.


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