Euan Blair Tony Blairs eldest son

He was “earning” two million quid a year working for a parasitic financial services outfit.(He must be extremely talented…NOT!)

As has been mentioned…The Blairs are Marrano catholics….crypto Jews in other words….FAKES….

Further proof of that fact is the wife of Blair’s eldest hatchling,Euan Blair.Her surname is ASHMAN….this is always a crypto surname.So as you would expect Blair junior is married to another crypto Jew.

Checking the offspring marriages of high profile politicians is a very good way of catching out these liars who invariably attend church purely for public consumption of course.

This is how George Bush,Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were identified as crypto Jews….

Then of course there is Prince William…he got married to a readily identifiable jewess…Kate Middleton.You only have to check her mothers ancestry to blow their cover.

Britain’s most dysfunctional family…The Windsors are ALL crypto Jews.

Some but not all of Britain’s landed gentry are CRYPTO Jews.This probably includes the “Catholic” mob who were indirectly connected to the wife of the explorer Sir Richard Burton.This would go some way to explaining HOW they managed to hold onto their wealth when most Catholics in Britain were getting their heads lopped off by Henry VIII and his protestant chums.

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