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Mercedes is to build a mercedes Ute….they gotta be joking.

“Utes” or pickups are gaining in popularity which explains why Mercedes is following Volkswagen into this market.

But Mercedes will fuck it up that’s for sure.They’ll cram a highly sophisticated extremely powerful engine under the bonnet which will become a fucking nightmare after about 100,000 kilometers…..To fix it if it goes wrong will be hugely expensive…So the sales will be restricted to rich poseurs….The sort that can’t afford the ridiculous Mercedes G wagons.

Even the Japanese utes are beginning to be overloaded with electronic gimmicks.

For African operations…The older 80 series Landcruisers are preferred to the later 100 series…because the newer more sophisticated suspension caused reliability problems…..

If a manufacturer wanted to secure a long term market with utes….It would feature a big six cylinder understressed motor with minimal electronics..and rock solid suspension and gearbox….but they would be hampered by pollution stuff no doubt.

Mercedes are not what they used to be…certainly not as reliable and are ridiculously expensive to maintain…if they were REALLY quality vehicles as they still like to maintain they would last a long time…. like the Toyota Landcruiser.

Being infected by politically correct shit is going to damage Mercedes in the future.As soon as you get ideologues interfering with companies….you start getting the Trabant effect…over time…The Mercedes Wankers in the boardroom decided to appoint a Turkish immigrant as CEO….to satisfy the likes of the former communist activist Merkel.

The second-hand prices of the proposed utes will drop like a stone….losing half their value overnight…no tradesman would even consider buying one.American car companies could capitalise on all this by,just for once producing a reliable quality vehicle…but the short termist money men wouldn’t like it.

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