The incredible popularity of pop videos.

You can check that fact out by the number of hits some of these videos get on you tube….some approach 1000,000,000 million hits!!.

The strange thing is most of the current hits by luminaries like Gagasteen and Ariana Grande are more or less instantly forgettable (both Jews)..The reason being perhaps is they increasingly rely on the visual aspects….of the video….sort of toned down pornography.Ariana features in a recent video with a blobby negress called Minge or something like that….they both gyrate around in a suggestive manner…Minge wobbles around in a post calypso way…surprisingly Minges zongers are tightly constrained by a super strength leotard??!’

Unlike music of the past eras…The tunes are not memorable.Who can forget for example the lilting voice of Dame Nellie Melba in ” Lo!,a lark arises”…who was perhaps MORE famous in the late 19th century….than gagastein.Incidently Melba was very likely a crypto jew.

The difference of course is that modern pop videos can be,and are,used to carry political “messages”…..politically correct of course.

So Gagastein pushes gayism and homosexuality and tolerance….while donating loads of money to Israel….which is a country built on racial exclusivity!…

So modern pop music along with sport carry the politically correct message to the masses.Which explains why Muhammed Ali gets more attention than is deserved….Larry Holmes a better boxer meantime does not get the recognition he deserves.But Lawrence was never one to get involved in political shit.

Judging from the comments on these videos…global Jewry should have no concern about their position…most of the comments are made by morons with two brain cells,with one them functioning intermittently.

As most big time pop promoters are Jews it makes sense Jews get the backing to hit the big time…it’s ultimately to do with racism…Mariah “camel toe” Carey is a tribe member…just for example…but NO mention is ever made of this fact in the media….for obvious reasons.

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