Who is Andre Vltchek??

He writes stuff constantly attacking “whites” and Western civilisation but he is very selective in doing so.

From his appearance he does not seem to be a Jew….

Perhaps he is what could be described as a “useful idiot”….Press TV the Iranian channel seems to use him quite a bit.

Vltchek certainly makes good use of inventions created by Europeans…he likes flying around the world on aeroplanes and jotting down his diatribes against Christianity on his laptop.

One thing though is conspicuously missing from his spleen filled musings about the West….there is NO mention of Jews and their tremendous power and influence…..Maybe he is smart enough to know the old Voltaire favourite…”those you cannot criticise are the people who hold the power”…If that is the case that makes this Czech madman a hypocrite and a cunt.

While Christianity has made a lot of mistakes it has also done a lot of good…so blanket criticism of Christianity tends to tell you the bouncing Czech has an agenda…

The fact that Jews control Western banks and banking simply cannot be ignored….therefore it is just possible this dickhead MAY be a crypto.The stuff he writes bores you to tears very quickly…..actually he is lucky he does not criticise Jews….because he would start having “problems” while travelling into various countries…running down Christianity…no worries mate.The idea of free speech arose in Christian countries a fact he conveniently forgets.

Maybe the cunt should travel back in time when the Mongols were traversing half of the known world….they are said to have slaughtered forty million people and the only thing they left behind to indicate they had ever visited was the bones of their victims.

Obviously this Czech is first and foremost a fucking wanker.

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