Windbag lectures American dopes on the fourth estate

Obamasteen seems intent on squeezing out the most from his last days in office.

He was telling Americans about the importance of a free press…He is right of course but the trouble is the American press is ANYTHING BUT FREE.

The American media LECTURES Americans on their version of free speech….if Americans had actually believed the “free press” there is no way Trump would have got elected…since they constantly attacked him.

It’s seems the IDIOT Obama is not going to leave Washinstein after Trump takes office….unlike most ex presidents…he is going to hang around making a nuisance of himself…The result of listening to too many sycophants and court jesters…he has a inflated view of himself and his importance.

The whole American political system is nauseating….with the elite constantly bigging up each other….it sort of has an oriental flavour to it,rather than occidental….which is hardly surprising since The swamp is run by Jews.

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