“Lock ‘er up” Morons take note

Take note as the crypto Jewish elite arrive at Swamp Central.Take note of how they miraculously and suddenly appear to be the best of buddies…well actually they were never anything BUT buddies…..The sort of carry on you would also find in the dressing rooms post a Big Time Wrestling match.

Wind the clock back two thousand years and the spectacle you see in Washington would remind you of a new emperor being crowned in Ancient Rome….

You simply would not find anything like this spectacle in any other democracy in the world….to call it a farce would be a vast understatement.

And WHAT about the fucking MORONS who are demonstrating against Trump…they are completely taken in by this sideshow…..Trump or Obama it makes not a jot of difference.

Then there are the hangers on and sycophants like Nigel Farage..The crypto Jew who masquerades as opposition to the invasion of Europe…orchestrated by the REAL rulers of Europe…The Elders of Zion.You could hardly find a bigger jerk than the tosser Farage!.

Watch as the racist state of ISRAEL keeps sucking out billions of dollars from the American economy…without being interrupted by anything as inconsequential as an American presidential election…Israel OWNS both the candidates!.

And the morons are out in force even in little old New Zealand….they’re marching against Trump….similar marches are also taking place in other democracies…..all this shit does is help condition people to the idea that one central figure rules over them…a global one world government leader…

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