The Guardianstein THE racist newspaper.

Unfortunately most readers are unaware that the Guardian is owned and operated by THE most racist…race in the world…Jews.

ALL of the Jews hostility is directed against one race….Europeans…whom the Guardian prefers to call “whites”.

In the Guardian today the Jewish editor chooses 5 people to comment on Trump the crypto Jews inauguration.One is black, one is Hispanic ,and the other three are Jews.Only a small number of readers would recognise that there were NO “whites” allowed comment.Most readers would have assumed the Jews were “whites”.

This is a constantly repeated scenario…MOST of the CUNTS lined up alongside Trump when he was abusing a couple of bibles…were crypto Jews.Most of the elite who ducked into a church prior to the big farce….were crypto Jews!.

You’ll notice that ALL,YES,ALL the candidates,no matter which political party….GROVEL AT THE FEET OF THEIR MASTERS….ISRAEL…..that’s all you need to know about Jewish Power….BUT the Jews play a trick on the “goyim” they pretend NOT to be Jews….it is a very cunning strategy….used by the Zio-pope when he was in Israel…groveling around at the ludicrous wailing wall.

Here’s another zio-trick….they promote the unctious little zio-worm Gove as an intolerant conservative…it’s bullshit of course,Gove is  crypto Jew who backs racist Israel to the hilt….The only thing this diminutive little bastard is intolerant of is any criticism of Israel or Jews.The only race that people have full licence to do and say anything about is Europeans.

One thing is for sure IF the Jew Trump does not come though with his promises in the next four years….America is going to be very annoyed….in which case the crypto Jewish elite could find themselves in BIG trouble…Maybe for the first time in the history of revolutions the people will start with a new strategy…rather than battling each other on the streets…they’ll start at the top.Then you might witness something like the last days of the zio-occupation of Vietnam…The zio elite scrambling to get aboard the last remaining choppers leaving the Swamp…..with a connecting flight to Zionist HQ …Israhell….The refuge of scoundrels.



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