Alison Mau…giant Aussie lezzo crypto

A lot of Kiwis have had enough of Alison Meow…she is always boasting about how she is the “biggest lesbian in TV showbiz”.

Do Kiwis REALLY want to know this shit…According to her ex…one of the reasons he got shot of Mao was NOT because she was A “giant lesbian with a penchant for a bit of rough stuff”‘.’it was something entirely different.

According the NZ Women’s Weekly..”Alison has a giant growler and her ex hubby possesses a mini pecker…on this basis they were not compatible”‘…. Mau decided to “skip town when a lezzo showed up with a massive vibrator”….

According to an anonymous interview with Maos lezzo lover..”Ali likes to be on top….you’ll notice her ex has a slightly crooked nose….that’s Ali’s handiwork…she has a very quick temper and lashed out at him when he refused point blank to pay for any more D sized batteries used to power Maos new fangled hi-tech vibrator”‘….

Predictably giant lezzo Ali was at the pathetic anti Trump March…mouthing off about stuff……would she please confine herself to lezzo stuff…it is known she has recently been road testing a new double banger strap on…there must be lezzo magazine’s  which  would be interested in this stuff….Kiwis ain’t the slightest interested.

One thing is for sure….her kids won’t benefit from this.

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