“Burning Langley to the ground” sounds like the business

Paul Craig Roberts suggested the idea if Trump is assassinated…..and shoot everyone of them (the criminals who run the CIA)..

A sensibly run revolution would avoid damaging infrastructure…after all all countries need buildings to house intelligence services.

It would be more sensible simply to shoot all the top rung criminals…The executive…you could string up the director to impress the others….and pass it off as a successful terrorist attack which just happened to benefit Americans.No buildings in flames just a lot of empty offices at the top….The corrupt scrum vaporized until the next lot show up in another hundred years.In fact Jefferson recommended it…that is the periodic removal of the Scum Class by American patriots.

Whistleblowers tried exercising their rights as citizens to expose corruption….one of them is hiding out in another country….BUT HOLD ON A MINUTE…aren’t political dissidents supposed to seek refuge in the USA??.

According to Roberts the CIA is a money earning organisation…enabling them to ignore directives from the elected government….if true this is a very serious development.You could compare this situation to the Praetorian Guard in Ancient Rome…

Maybe Roberts is right…don’t muck about… torch the place and fry the MOFO’s…any organisation which threatens to supplant an elected government is a threat to democracy..in these circumstances you don’t hang about.


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