Creating the “right” conditions for WW3

This is probably the motive for the crypto Jew Merkel flooding Germany with millions of Muslims from the Middle East and else where….getting the people living in Western Countries riled up and agitated….

Only one nationalist leader in Europe appears not to be a crypto Jew.Marine Le Pen….although her niece is possibly suspect.All the rest like Farage and the German women Petrie (or something like that) are SUSPECT.

Trump,another crypto Jew has been installed for the same reason….never mind all the bullshit opposition marches..this is just a prelude and make believe.

So essentially the lead up to world war two….a replay.

Keep in mind the American aviator Lindberg….he correctly predicted that the Jews were going to drag the US into WW2…..he had one of his children murdered by the Jews for his trouble.Trump has borrowed Lindbergs America First motto….The trouble is,unlike Lindbergh, Trump is a JEW.

Remember….The objective of WW3 is to enlarge the state of ISRAEL…”greater Israel”…this will happen under the fog of global warfare….accompanied by the usual smorgasbord of lies…

Although Brexit is described as the will of the is more likely planned that way…as a prelude to conflict in Europe….The Jews who control Britain and the US…mounting their operations from these two countries…The two centres of global finance are not London and New York….by chance.

Remember….all the supposed conflict between various politicians in Washington is MAKEBELIEVE…just like American Big Time Wrestling…most of the players are CRYPTO Jews or spineless lackeys like Senator Graham.

If you have relatives serving in the armed forces you would be well advised to prevent them serving in any country but their own.Have them read the American military man’s book written by Butler… assured though they’ll be rewarded with a few medals if they sign up…but they’ll pay with their life.

NOTE:Take note of the Jews attack on the USS Liberty…surviving crewmen were showered with medals post attack…one refused to accept any!…he was obviously aware of what was going on…they were being “paid” for their enforced silence.

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