Dutch intelligence service hacking cell phone.

There are a LOT of crypto Jews in the Netherlands.

For historical reasons there are a LOT of Jews living in this country…when the Jews were thrown out of Spain some went to Morocco others set up shop in Holland….where they proceeded to take over that country and were no doubt responsible for the ponzi scheme involving tulips (see Madoff in NY for a modern version).They were heavily involved in trading in spices etc.(one Jew in Indonesia was noted for his cruelty toward the native people).

After a bit the Jews (by this time very rich) shifted their scams to Britain where they backed Cromwell in order to overthrow the British monarchy (they now run the Monarchy)…Jews were banned from England because of all the trouble they had caused previously….Cromwell allowed them to re enter (Cromwell was probably a crypto Jew).Cromwell went on to commit horrendous massacres in Ireland..etc.

The British took over from the Dutch in global trade….like in South Africa…and India.

In a previous blog I pointed out that the head of the Dutch secret police Intelligence service looked like he was married to a Jew…

The Anne Frank story is full of holes….for example part of the diary is written in biro which did not exist until after the end of WW2.

When travelling in Amsterdamn I experienced a number of “unusual” incidents….for example while walking past one of the polluted canals…I was approached by a scumbag and told…”you are a fucking mad cunt etc etc””..While taking photos of a canal early evening this cunt comes out of an adjacent pub and says pretty much what the first idiot said….stuff like this.At the time I wondered what was going on…put it down to “weird coincidence”‘…of course it was nothing of the sort…I was being watched by organised Jewry who had been tipped off by their mates…perhaps in London.(I got this same sort of thing in Copenhagen when walking around…one Jewish thug followed me down the street toward the harbour (a picturesque spot)…laughing at me….etc etc…”pah! He said…you are a fucking joke”.)

Keep in mind….that the politician Wilders who is a homosexual who has been in Israel a number of times…is a crypto Jew…Not that the average Cheesehead would have a clue about that.They’ll be voting for a tribe member…The very tribe which is responsible for flooding the country with third world immigrants.

So I was being targeted by the Jews in Amsterdam…no doubt about that…Jews will be running all the usual stuff.The secret police,the media,the high level drug racketeering,the prostitution,the finance….and running their own opposition…see Wilders..So the Jews power in this country will be similar to Britain and the USA….

Yesterday…They put up an advert on Mobile.de for a Dutch owned 4×4 truck…knowing I would click on it.Then had a redirect to an advert on a Dutch website….I clicked on that and up popped two names familiar to me…usual bullshit.Last Thursday they had one of their “operatives”….probably a Dutch government employee standing outside an upmarket backpackers…who will now be on camera on two CCTV cameras.(a Dutch woman [obvious)’….she appeared to be travelling on one of those backpacker buses.

They have also blocked access to a couple of Dutch travel websites…they prevent auto translate websites from working….Dutch are unpleasant people…whom not many people like.The English have lots of sayings about them..like Dutch courage or going Dutch….Basically their country has been fucked….it is too overpopulated and over run by immigrants….so now the secret police are lashing out trying to keep a lid on things….Dutch are known for their pigheadedness and stupidity….so they’ll be voting for the crypto Jew Wilders and hoping things will change…which perhaps explains why they are wasting their time giving me shit….Is it illegal yet to question the holocau$t claims in Holland….this is usually a good indicator of the power of Jewish influence.

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