Free speech in America year right..

Canadians who intended to go on an anti Trump March were stopped at the border and subject to questioning by the border police….were banned entry.

The photos of the banned people show them to be what you could call respectable people…not loony anarchists.

The people who were barred maybe idiots,especially if they think their efforts would make the slightest bit of difference…….BUT banning people like this has NOTHING to do with law enforcement….and EVERYTHING to do with a police state.

Just wait till the morons who were shouting “lock ‘er up” find out Trump is going to betray them….May be the pretence of free speech will evaporate and doors across the US will be kicked in by the police when average Americans discover Trump is just another Jewish run FAKE.

The Jews first move was to sign stuff relating to Obama care….THAT move was not made to help “average Americans” but rather his billionaire Jew mates….who own all the big corporations in the USA.

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