Remember…no one is forcing you to read the stuff on this blog….

If you don’t like it….set up your own blog…with a different opinion….that’s how free speech works.

You might not like comments about your pop star heroes….don’t worry about it…these popstars have more money than you’ll see in a lifetime…they couldn’t give a damn about you as long as you keep buying their records.

Example:Bono and his PC mates in U2…preaching for the salvation of the poor….meantime in the real world Bono does the maximum to avoid paying tax in Ireland….taxes,Incidentally,which could be used to alleviate poverty in parts of Ireland….these cunts have money running into the HUNDREDS of millions.

And WHAT about Madonna…she gets maximum mileage and publicity adopting poor children in third world countries….this is a political gesture.She is worth HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS…she could instead pay to build a series of health centres in Malawi (for example)..keep them stocked with supplies and not even notice it.Meantime she chooses to fake masturbation on stage with a crucifix…there is a message on that one too.

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