Warning for NZers

If you have any interest in any political matters…The Police WILL be bugging your cell phone…illegally.

Take for example the protesters on the West Coast (regarding the mining fatalities)…they had better be informed the police/SIS WILL be bugging the protester leaders phones at least…and probably supporting actors as well.

It is illegal of course….but what are you going to do about it.In fact there is NOTHING you can do about it.None of the overpaid cunts in parliament will step up…and risk losing the money they “earn”‘.

Be aware that the police will have stooges in their ranks too.Look for outsiders who are relatively new to the Coast.

The long held freedoms of people living in western countries are under threat…so far the threat has been able to be managed by a compliant media…

I’ve only mentioned half the stuff I’ve experienced from the state….they have scaled back overt interference with my phone….but they’re still at it.

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