The BBC’s new generation travel documentaries.

Before screening they should be preceded by a warning…”For immature audiences only”

The very worst of the offenders (presenters) are Kate “fluffy” Humble (not a Jew…but 100% PC) and Simon “barracuda” Reeves (a Jew with with teeth very similar to the predatory fish)

Neither of these presenters is equipped with the minimum number of brain cells required to present an interesting documentary.(previously the BBC used to raid Cambridge or Oxford universities to get one of their super brainy graduates to present documentaries..they were also a bit older which gave them a quotient of gravitas when discussing Ancient Greek fudgepacking philosophers just for example)

Fluffy Kate has a gorgeous toothy smile perfect for an advertisement for toothpaste but distracting when discussing the Arab practise of humping camels in extemis amongst the sands of the Arabian desert.At one point while presenting a “documentary” on slave trading in Ancient Arab kingdoms she tells viewers about the origin of the term “camel toe” citing this term along with algebra as  examples of the Arabic language being employed in English.Thoroughly inappropriate of course…but just another faux pas you come to expect from these flea brained twits.

The less said about Barracuda Reeves the better….he is even dumber than fluffy and arrogant to boot….he is a complete IDIOT whose commentary is often lifted directly from the pages of Lonely Planet guide books.

If you want to talk about the decline of the BBC….these two lightweights are a good example….political correctness has got in the way of things….The IDEOLOGY of PC….is it any wonder that documentaries produced in totalitarian style countries are so fucking AWFUL…documentary makers are constantly hampered by having to conform to the prevailing ideology.

How much effort would it take from the BBC to hire a super educated brainy presenter from two of the world’s top universities….The cunts want to democratize documentaries…at one point the BBC even had a presenter who used to work as a clown in Barnum and Baileys….she was doing ancient Egypt stuff….

Just recently they have had a tattooed “cool” presenter covering British castles..THE CUNTS HAVE GOT TO BE JOKING….

The BBC needs to be “refreshed” with new staff who are not on an ideology bender.

BBC wildlife documentaries are the very best example of natural history doco’s…but natural history mockumentaries are beginning to make their presence felt…they have recently featured a FUCKING IDIOT MORON playing around with snakes…you were constantly distracted from the subject when you noticed remnants of different coloured nail polish on his fingernails!!.

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