The Melbourne car attack..

Later reports on this outrage suggest the driver of the vehicle is a Muslim. NOT Greek.

If this is correct why would the media NOT report this fact….

You could suggest this would bounce back on the multiculturalists who have imported thousands of Muslims into Australia….NOTE…The Australian Prime Minister is a Jew…or crypto Jew,like for example Bob Hawke.Keep in mind most billionaires in Australia and by far the richest ethnic group are Jews.James Packet for example…who has been photographed in the company of top Zionist Jews in Australia.

After all look what as happened in other Western Countries…it has turned the General public against the elite…so there are ample reasons for the Australian Jewish run media NOT to report all the facts….

The above is assuming these reports are correct concerning the individual…keep in the sex attacks on German women in Germany about one year ago…The German media virtually had to be FORCED to publish the full facts on this…so the Australian attack could very well be a similar case.

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