The Jew Trump seems to living up to his electioneering

He has just signed up to wall building.

The emphasis should be placed on “SEEMS”.

Americans should take note of the crypto Jews leading European countries.

Thatcher,Blair,Cameron,May,Hollande and Sarkozy….they ALL said the same thing about “controlling immigration”..they all did the exact opposite.Blair the Marrano Catholic was particularly treacherous…he opened the doors to an invasion….AND IT IS STILL CONTINUING….

Trumps primary motive is to see off a revolution in America,for despite the Jews best efforts there is a growing awareness in America of WHO has fucked their country….and the Jews have still not managed to take away their guns….yet.

So Trump will undertake the job of restoring America…but only to preserve Jewish power…and thus enable the Jews to keep robbing America blind….You’ll notice the Jews are now taking the opportunity to steal more Palestinian land…in Israel.

If American do have a revolution…they had better focus on executing the Jewish elite otherwise they’ll get nowhere.

Trump is a JEW and therefore absolutely not to be trusted…you’ll notice that there is now no chance of the arch Jewish criminal Clinton EVER being locked up.The Clintons spent MILLIONS on their daughter’s marriage to a Jew…meantime in middle America people are struggling to get by….

If you want an example of Jewish treachery and manipulation,the case of the Marrano Jew Mel Gibson is a very good example.Just when the Jews are bombing and killing Palestinians in Gaza AGAIN…creating bad publicity for the Jews….up pops Gibson the Jew making anti-Semitic remarks.This was immediately turned into a worldwide sensation….”Jews suffering again at the hands of an antisemite”…..meantime in the real world Palestinian schools are being plastered with white phosphorous..burning some of them alive.The Mel Gibson event was used as a distraction from serious human rights abuses in Israel.It is probably NOT a coincidence that the Vietnam war was raging while Jews were killing thousands of people in the Middle East.(they massacred Egyptian POW’s in their thousands)

Jews will do to Americans…eventually…what they did to Russians….unless Americans target the Jewish elite RATHER than Jews who have no influence over government policy.

Mel Gibson should be right at the top of the to do list…..

Americans should NOT be conned by Trump….besides which he is an obvious prick and corrupt to boot.

Meantime while millions of Americans live in substandard housing…their taxes are being used to provide housing to Jews in Israel….FREE….brand spanking new housing.TRUMP will never ever do anything to stop this…So far around eighty percent of his appointees are crypto Jews…INCLUDING the new head of Homeland Security which will be used to target any Americans who object to the wholesale theft of Americans taxes…to benefit Jews and no one else….certainly not the average American.

Incidently he has just made a politically correct appointment of an American Indian…WHY….that’s easy…it is to do with oil pipelines being objected to by Indian groups.It is all to do with manipulation….control uncle Tom leaders who will in turn do their best to prevent Indian protests.(The Indian protesters would achieve more by using their bows and arrows to take out senior executives of the Jewish owned Federal Reserve….which is not actually “Federal”…..and they would be doing most Americans a favour by doing so.)





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