Crypto Jewish generals WW2.

There is plenty of evidence that General Monash leading Australians in Palestine was indeed a Jew.(Global Jewry was using Australian lives and equipment to lay the groundwork for the racist state of ISRAEL)

If you check out the general’s running the D day invasion of France…lo and behold you find plenty more…like Montgomery and Eisenhower…Bradley was another…then there was the infamous Bomber Harris (Harris is a crypto Jewish surname…see Rolf Harris the Australian jailbird).

On the German side you find a similar situation.

Rommel wasn’t one of them…but he was after all targeted by Hitler and neither was Patton who was “targeted” by the US Jewish run media.He was of course murdered.It is very likely he worked out what was going on…just like Rommel.

One thing worth noting about D Day was Hitlers refusal to allow tanks to be diverted to Normandy to support German troops.Like his refusal to allow German troops to make a strategic withdrawal from the advancing Russians.All of this stuff was put down to his stupidity.

Check the internet for a series of photographs of Hitler practising his theatrical speeches in front of a mirror…

Hitler did survive a bomb attack…mysteriously…carried out by sensible German officers who could see the writing on the wall….Infact a sensible real leader would have recognised the situation was lost when they started recruiting old men and young children to fight.A leader who really cared about his people would not have recruited children.A sensible leader would have shifted the bulk of his troops to the East…in order that Germany would have been occupied by civilised people.

Germans were conned into a war,just like the British… combat this and  to prevent this happening again…it is absolutely essential that high ranking officers in the military are checked thoroughly to see if they are Jews.Trump has already appointed a number of American crypto Jews to influential positions….figures.

What we DO know is that high ranking politicians who start the wars are USUALLY crypto Jews.



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