German/American Jewish homosexual fascist buys citizenship in NZ.

There’ll be “difficult” people asking how there can be a Jewish billionaire from Germany when the Nazis killed six million Jews…”surely there would hardly be any Jews n Germany at all?!.”.

No worries on that one…The six million jews/holocau$t story is as fake as hell.

There is a primarily Jewish homosexual cabal in the NZ Parliament…

How does this fascist Jew who thinks women should not be able to vote manage to get NZ citizenship when he does not fit the criteria?.No worries…he is a billionaire…as many NZers now recognise citizenship is available to the highest bidder.

This blog was the first public mention of bolt holes being bought by the super rich of Europe and America (Ted Turner,the Jew who founded CNN [formerly married to the jewess Jane Fonda] has bought a massive land block in Argentina….not the most secure of “boltholes”.

You can see with this sort of money floating around in the hands of Jewish super rich billionaires…why…The police illegally target people such as myself…This fascist Jew has bought a spread of land around the locality…this blog will be reporting on the zio_fudgepacker should he appear in public.No doubt he’ll be looking to hire local kiwi fudgepacker butts for some gayism activity.

It’s one law for Kiwis and an entirely different set of laws for the super rich…The corrupt super rich in America know their day of reckoning is approaching…hence the bolt holes.Fucking up Western Countries by flooding them with the third world is a serious error by the zio-Jewish elite…but they are too arrogant to give a damn.

The Jew Trump is a mate of the German Jew Thiel….Trumps actions on immigration are actually a means of self preservation…so Thiel knows what’s going down in America…The sort of thing the controlled media would :never report.This is why the Right to bear Arms is enshrined in law in America….and why Americans are able to protect themselves against their own government.

Down the track there will be calls like “democracy is just not working anymore”….BUT Americans CAN make it work by wiping out the corrupt elite.

There are parallels with Ancient Rome here when the Emperors took over…obviously that situation cannot ever be allowed to happen…hence Paul Craig Roberts suggestion regarding the CIA of “kill them all” has some merit.







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