Weird behaviour by Auckland council

In democracies elected councillors are supposed to represent the people who elected them.

The vast majority of people living on Waiheke island,just off Auckland do not want the island opened up to development….YET….strange as it may SEEM the Auckland council is proposing to do just that…WHY?.

No worries….The councillors are probably being bribed by wealthy property developers (most likely Masons…that is Freemasons)….How do you put a stop to this?.Identify the councillors who vote for the development and give them a warning that dire consequences will result.They understand this approach…whereas other approaches will be ignored.

Meantime the NZ media keeps running articles about how corruption free NZ is…..The media in western countries is no longer doing it’s job primarily because it has been taken over by a very small number of the super rich…The 1% in other words….media conglomerates are a threat to democracies…strangely elected governments NEVER do anything about it.

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