Zio-Zuckerberg wants MORE invaders in America

It is ALWAYS rich Jews like Zuckerberg and Soros who promote the mass invasion of alien people into Western Countries…ALWAYS….

Some people may notice a “curious” fact….they NEVER suggest that the Jews Global Headquarters…Israel should experience the same fate…

It won’t be long before the Jews who control the Western media are running FAKE stories about Israel accepting refugees.The ONLY refugees Israel will accept will be crypto Jews purporting to be X Y or Z ethnicity.

Incidently his marriage to a Chinese has not come about by chance…for the same reason Murdoch’s marriage to Wendy Dong…was not by chance.This will have everything to do with the Jews objectives in China….ultimately to set up a ruling elite there composed of crypto Jews…just like in European countries….countries currently being assaulted by fake refugees AND their ruling elites…..

Note:One of the major contributing factors leading to the collapse of Ancient Rome….was the HUGE numbers of alien people living there…mostly slaves.This situation eventually overwhelmed the native people who created Roman civilisation….The West is on course for a similar fate…Most sensible people know WHO is responsible for this….The Jews.

Naturally American revolutionaries will have Zuckerberg at the top of their shopping list….he will deserve everything he gets.

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