Trudeau says “we’ll take ’em”.

Trudeau has promised to take Muslim immigrants that the Jew Trump has stopped coming to America.

His father Pierre Trudeau got divorced from his first wife….then subsequently was in a relationship with a woman by the name of COYNE.

Now THIS name is readily identifiable as being Jewish… is a derivation of the name Cohen and is presumed to have been adopted by Jews to disguise the OBVIOUSLY Jewish name of Cohen.

So Trudeau number one was ¬†MARRANO…which makes his son ALSO Jewish.

Just to cap things off his wife is also a crypto Jew…readily confirmed by checking her surname and background.

Put it like this….If you have a Catholic highly placed in politics in English speaking countries…there is a very good chance they are actually crypto Jews.

Trudeau flooding Canada with millions of third world immigrants …fits perfectly.

Keep in mind that all this Trump stuff is meaningless….there WILL be a greater strategy involved.

Let’s face it America…thanks to vast third world immigration organised by the Jews….is increasingly looking LESS like a nation…but rather a large area of land populated by people from all over the world who have nothing in common with each other….Jews thrive in such circumstances because unity amongst the citizens is impossible to achieve…certainly no United action against the Jewish racist minority which controls America.

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