Britain…PC mania gone mad

The PC maniacs were out in force in London…they don’t like Trump winning the US election and proposing to visit Britain.

Even if you don’t like the fuckwit Trump you have to accept the result.After all millions of Americans loathed Wingnut Obama and you didn’t find them marching in the streets.

Two well known Jews were marching…Gary Linekar and Lily Allen…Well they are “well known” …but the fact they are Jews is hardly known at all….these two are actual real live crypto Jews.

Some of the most universally disliked or hated people in Britain are gypsies…but they are like Jews…they superficially look British.Locals can immediately tell you if they are gypsies but visitors to Britain cannot distinguish them easily.

On several occasions I had trouble from gypsies….but at the time I had no idea they were infact gypsies.So why would I be getting problems from them then?.

On one occasion at a camping ground on the outside of Copenhagen..more problems…from gypsies….and in southern France….and in Britain of course….weird.

The most likely answer was they were being told I was a Nazi….by the usual suspects…The Jews…..secretive Jewish networks were tipping them off.Imagine having to contend with this shit and being unaware that you were being deliberately targeted….these same secretive networks are the source of marches and demonstrations on the streets of western countries…..

The PC governments in Britain have been bending over backwards to cater to the gypsies…all in the name of tolerance…like farmers tolerating having their farm equipment be raided and stolen.

And the result?….gypsies are employing homeless people as slave labour…genuine slave labour kept in appalling conditions….in pre-pc times..locals in villages across Britain would have banded together and driven the gypsies out..

Today ordinary British people are under assault from all directions…The Jews at the top end of society and gypsies at the bottom…both gnawing away at the middle class…which provides stability for the country as a whole.Then of course you have Muslim immigrants brought in by the Jews who commit mass rape and assault on English women AND the British government did its very best to hide this fact…You have the crypto Jews,the Windsors showing up at immigration centres to help promote immigration of the whole of the third world.

It’s this sort of stuff which helps create the conditions for revolution.One thing is for sure…if there is no revolution Britain is finished as a nation…Meantime the Guardian…a Jewish propaganda organ is increasingly out of touch with reality..their articles often bear no relationship to the truth…

Revolutionaries need to know that they had better start at the top…that means the British Secret Police…their REAL job is to protect the status quo…That is protecting the Windsor juniors to enable them to get British tax payers to pay for extensive hedging to shield themselves from the prying eyes of the hoi polloi.Another characteristic of a civilisation on the decline is when the elite shut themselves off the people…living in splendid  isolation from all the problems that the average person has to contend with on a daily basis…like travelling on HUGELY overcrowded transport in London full of strangers from all parts of the globe…less than half of whom are actually English….all of this down to the treacherous elite selling fantasies like “diversity is strength”…which could have been lifted straight out of the pages of Orwells Animal Farm.

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