The Jewish political merry go round in French politics

VALLS the French socialist Jewish chap…has just been beaten by Benoit Hamon in the Socialists leadership contest.

Harrah!…at least France will no longer have an all Jewish contest for leadership of the political parties.Looks like France will have a more democratic contest,where at least one candidate will actually represent the vast majority of Frances population….Europeans.

Sorry…no chance on that at all….Benoit Hamon is a Sephardic JEW…with ancestral connections to Spain and Portugal.

France will continue to be invaded by the third world should the French be so stupid as to even think of voting for Hamon.

Note:Israel used Mirage Jets provided by France when invading surrounding countries…..they got them FREE from France and even adapted the design of the Mirage to one of their own..kafir…which was by all accounts not much good.

OK….how did the Zionists manage to get free jets from France….much like they do with American armaments today?….Obviously via Jewish networks within France….crypto Jews…like Hamon for example.

But hold on a minute…according to holocau$t propaganda Ze Nazis had put most of the Jews in France into concentration camps…Yeah…sure thing…that’s why several Jewish owned nightclubs in Paris were running full steam ahead during the Nazi occupation…Unusually an area of France (Vichy France) was not subject to Nazi occupation…an area “purely coincidently” which has large numbers of Jews living in it….

The Jewish elite was running ALL sides of WW2’……crypto Jews like Hamon for example.

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