Trudeau the Catholic Marrano decries terrorist attack….

But HE and his Jewish cronies are ultimately responsible for it!!’

Canadians DO NOT WANT THIRD WORLD INVADERS in their country…but Jews like Trudeau FORCE them to accept it,whether they like it or not!

What you have here is two parallel forces at work.The world of make believe (or else) where Canadian leaders tell invaders “all are welcome here”…and on the other hand a vast groundswell of opinion against govt policies.These are the same people who voted in Trump…The people who don’t go on mass demonstrations in the street…funded by Jews like Zuckerberg and Soros.

Just recently Australian politicians have been boasting about strict immigration policies (exaggerated of course)…Now why do you suppose they are not conforming to the pattern in Europe…after all there is a hidden agenda affecting all western countries…Simple….Australians are not taking it lying down…they are putting pressure on the Jews calling the shots…like Morrison (Jew) and Turnbull (Jew)..’…..These Jews have ALREADY damaged Australia with immigration….These top Jews understand one thing….FORCE.

Meantime the Jew Hollande in France is decrying the incident in Canada…Jews like Hollande and Sarkozy are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TROUBLE IN FRANCE.Their total domination of the media in France has enabled them to dupe the French public for years…

As far as Israel is concerned,the more trouble Muslim immigrants cause the better.There was the famous comment of Netanyahu post 9/11…”this is good for Israel”

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