Zio-Crone is back in Malawi stealing more children

The crypto jewess Madonna is back in Malawi stealing more children.The dirty Jew is described as adopting the children.

This after suggesting blowing up the Whitehouse….she will literally be getting THOUSANDS of death threats as a result.

Keep in mind her former husband is a crypto Jew film director

Although she purports to be a Catholic it is nothing but a blatant lie.She is a Marrano.Would a REAL Catholic go on stage and pretend to masturbate with a crucifix….no chance…but a Marrano certainly would…

There is an underlying Jewish political objective to these highly publicised adoptions.Idiot European liberals will seek to copy her example….The lunatic political activist Angelina Joli is running the same sort of Jewish scam.

Once educated and fully indoctrinated these Malawian children will be sent back to Malawi to help form a crypto Jewish elite in that country…

There is no need for these jewesses to go to Jamaica to adopt children….Jamaica ALREADY has a Jew as Prime Minister….(Simpson)

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